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Paraprofessional Alliance

Strategic Enrollment Planning

 Mission Statement


Managing Our Enrollment Instead of Our Enrollment Managing Us

The Strategic Enrollment Planning Team is responsible for overseeing a data-informed process that aligns Western's fiscal, academic, co-curricular, and enrollment resources with our changing environment to accomplish the Guiding Principles and Strategic Plan and ensure the institution's long-term enrollment success and fiscal health.  The Team is charged with developing and annually assessing the Strategic Enrollment Plan based upon collaborative planning, institutional research, and community input The Team analyzes enrollment data to identify key target audiences and course, program and service needs and works with other key college team to develop a means to recruit, enroll, and retain students in pursuit of enrollment goals in credit and non-credit classes.

The purpose of the Strategic Enrollment Plan is to communicate initiatives and corresponding strategies and benchmarks for addressing these initiatives that ultimately assist Western Wyoming Community College in meeting its Mission and Goals as outlined in the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Enrollment Plan also identifies data-driven initiatives that incorporate enrollment targets and outlines strategies and benchmarks to achieve those targets while focusing on a quality educational experience and student success.


 SEP Documents

Flowchart.xlsxFlowchartChristian Clemmensen
Market Penetration.docxMarket PenetrationChristian Clemmensen


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 Planning Sessions

SWOT and Future Vision.jpgSWOT and Future VisionChristian Clemmensen
History and Where We Are.jpgHistory and Where We AreChristian Clemmensen
Audience Partners Expectations.jpgAudience Partners ExpectationsChristian Clemmensen

 Goals and Strategies

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 Subgroup Activities

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